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Are you wondering if you should register for Selective Service? Or maybe you are wondering how you can protect yourself from the draft. Here are some things you should consider before you register for Selective Service.

First, this website contains the work of one of the legends in the fight against the US Selective Service. Study it. For example, in one US military draft case, Tom Bondhus subpoenaed the President of the US!!! That subpoena was not refused, rather the government dropped the case. That kind of dedication only comes from one who is protecting his own life or the lives of his family.

As you read this stuff, you might wonder why anyone would support the Selective Service, and why with such a vengeance that they would ignore all the laws of the land to have it. They justify it to themselves that Selective Service is patriotic. Also, those who oppose Selective Service also do so out of patriotism. In spite of their lawlessness, Tom Bondhus was able to fight the Selective Service System in court and win.

Did you know that the military draft is unconstitutional? The Star Spangled Banner clearly shows this. They removed a verse of the Star Spangled Banner to hide this fact, and then another verse to hide that fact.

They tell you that you have to register so that they can find you. That is just an excuse, and a rather lame one. When you register, you show the government that you are willing to knuckle down. That you are weak. I believe their objective is to go after the weak, because last time they had almost lost the battle when they tried to draft the strong ones. They simply do not want to fight a battle they can not win!

Could it be that they just plan to allow those who do not register for Selective Service to just slip by without a fight, so as to allow them their unconstitutional military draft, without going to court over it? For a while, yes. They'll put off the fight as long as they can.

If you do not want to be drafted and forced to kill people, against your moral rules, than you need to legally prove to the Government that you have moral rules. If you believe in something, there must be some actions that show that you believe.

If the government sends you a draft notice, and then you go to court to tell them you are opposed to the military draft or to war, what are they to think? If you truly are opposed, there should have been some action before this point. At that point, all you are showing is that you don't want to fight, not that you are opposed to others fighting. This is not a valid argument in court. The court seeks fairness, and you are seen as not being fair.

The World Peace Church is, be definition, a church which is against war. The name alone makes that clear. Therefore, monthly contributions to that church would provide legal supporting evidence that you truly do not believe in war or the military draft.

If the government sends you a draft notice, and you can show them that you have been sending fairly large monthly contributions to the World Peace Church, now you've got something to back up your belief statement. The court may still not accept that though, by itself.

That may not be enough. With your help though, we can gather many more members, so that we can make a really strong stand, and provide them with legal support. Now imagine, with your help, we were able to gain the support of thousands of members.

Now if the government sends you a draft notice, you not only have the evidence of financial contributions. You also have the evidence of your work of helping the church. Finally, you have the legal support from the church and its members working on your side.

Keep in mind, the church would have a vested interest in keeping you out of the military at this point. Besides the fact that the church is all about World Peace, there is also the fact that if the church can keep you out of the military, more people will want to become members of the church.

Bullies go after the weak. Making yourself strong will protect you, and there is safety in numbers. Building a strong church will provide the strongest protection we can get.

If my father can fight the draft on his own and win, what can we do with a strong powerful church with thousands of fully dedicated members?

I've heard statistics from various websites that out of 3 million violators, the Selective Service System prosecuted only 13 people since 1980.

In order for the Selective Service to even exist, they must hide the truth from you, because when the truth comes out in court, the Selective Service System looses. As the old saying goes, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The fact is the Selective Service System is a huge waste of tax dollars, and it is supported by those who want only to force unpopular wars on the people. The Selective Service System will likely lead us into nuclear war.

Want to know what God thinks of the Selective Service? Jesus Christ died because of the military draft and to stop the US Selective Service System. Yes, I do mean the US Selective Service System. It's all in there, study this website and see. Much of what Jesus Christ said and did pertained specifically to the US Selective Service System. In fact, a very large portion of the Bible pertains specifically to the military draft and the US Selective Service System. More than you'd think. Why specifically the US Selective Service System? I have a theory on that, but I'll get to that later.

How can anyone who believes in freedom support the Selective Service System? It is by definition anti-freedom. And yet there are many who claim to support freedom who do very strongly support the Selective Service System. People who would fully support a dictator, while saying they are for democracy.

That's the nature of the beast. Once a victim of Selective Service System, always its servant. No matter how stupid the Selective Service System is.

Without the military draft, a country has a very much stronger defence, but a fairly weak offence. It can only wage war when the people believe strongly in that war, which is why it is so good for defense. Without the Selective Service System, America can still play police man to the world, but that play is very limited, so that it is less likely to escalate into world war 3, and then into nuclear war.

Give a nation a military draft, and now you have a nation that is free to attack other nations and draft new soldiers from those nations and use them to attack more nations. At that point it is no longer policeman to the world, but rather a nation trying to take over the world.

So what do you call a situation, where every nation in the world can defend many times stronger than they can wage offensive war? I'd call that a giant step closer to world peace!!!

That is why the fight against the Selective Service System is so important.

The Selective Service Draft Registration Freeze website makes another good point about why not to register for Selective Service, in their 7 Reasons Why You Should Refuse to Register with the Selective Service System, saying basically that if you register, it is like casting a vote for the draft. If you don't register, you are saying you do not support the draft, which means it will be just a little tiny bit less likely that there will be another military draft.

America is all for your right to vote, aren't they? Do they really believe in Democracy, as they say they do? How could America support a law which prevents your right to vote?

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free."
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