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Youth 'Fertilizes' Draft Board FilesThis case was about Barry Bondhus dumping human dung the top drawers of 6 file cabinets at the Sherburne county draft board.

Included in this case, is the Declaration of War, and newspaper clippings from Barry's dumping as well as a copy cat dumping of blood in the draft files. He was given 18 months in prison, and was not drafted, which isn't bad, considering he could have spend at least that or more for just refusing to be drafted. Compare that to Muhammad Ali, who was sentenced to five years in prison, released on appeal, and had his conviction overturned three years later.

Statement to the court by Barry and his parents

When I declared war on The United States Government I did so because my kids are what I live for and if I was going to have to give them up to slavery and death just as they reach their prime, then life isn't worth living. I felt that if the government took my life as a result of this my children would be free, because I believed in the basic goodness of man in spite of everything. I felt if the Government took my life and my kids refused to go thereafter because of this no court would make them go. So I felt that this course of action was preferable to utter hopelessness.

Then, when we spoke to the draft board of Barry's classification we felt again a depth of despair most people cannot imagine. We do not have the same problem everyone else has. We have already had 25 years of the draft and when he asked for the rest of the boys as he did, it was perfectly clear to us that this madness could go on for 25 years or forever. Because of what we believe in, this is more than we can bear. We thought and thought and always came back to despair. What is left? For us there was nothing. We couldn't communicate how we felt and if we had to let Barry go we would have to let them all go. We had to raise our little ones to prepare for slavery and death. For us this was the beginning of the end of everything we believe in.

Why did Barry do what he did? Because, I, Tom Bondhus was considering two things. If he was asking for all of my boys I would have to kill him. As a recourse I concluded that since he was a man of responsibility and didn't have the authority to ask for the boys under draft age, to save his life I would try to conclude that by rest he meant residue. So I had the boys collect the material in a container so I could pour it over his head and button it down around his ears.

Barry, knowing 1 wasn't kidding, decided he had nothing to lose, it was either jail or slavery in the army for him anyway, took the only honorable course left open and defended his home.


The United States has indicated an intention to draft my boy into the army. I will not permit you to take my children. If you persist by using force, I will have no choice but to acknowledge a state of active war exists between The United States and Me (Tom Bondhus). This document is my formal declaration of war laying down my terms of battle or surrender on this point; however in the interest of avoiding bloodshed, I am willing and eager to negotiate a peaceful settlement. I await your answer as to time and place to meet with you. I will hold my fire until you indicate your intentions.

When I was a small boy 5 or 6 years old I remember having a fear of being forced into the army and made to kill fellow human beings. I made up my mind then that I would not do this. I longed for man to become civilized so war would not be necessary. I swore I would do anything in my power to stop this madness of man killing man uselessly on the battle front. Most people agree that war accomplishes nothing. I have asked myself from the beginning; Why go to war? When I was of draft age in the first second world war, I was constantly afraid of being forced into the army; not because I was afraid to die, but because I would refuse to kill others that were no more guilty than myself.

The boys don't deserve to die for the bungling of the politicians.

I was classed 4F because of flat feet and escaped for a time but now it starts over again; you want my boys. As I had children, and the more children I have, the more I prize them. I now have 10 boys and will have more. I prize them more than life itself.

I believed the propaganda thrust on us during the war with Hitler; when they said there would be no war with Germany if the people had refused to follow that mad man. We now have a mad power crazy feeling in the United States. Now I am going to follow that advice and try to stop the aggression of these power crazy lunatics.

The simplest way to tell an aggressor is to observe whose land they are fighting on. We are fighting on their land. We have bases all around Russia and they have none here so we are the aggressor.

I would like to think of myself as more of a man than to let my boy fight my battle for me. YOU are a coward to send children to fight a war you believe in.

Is this Great Society a condition where a man must place a higher value on property and the political views of the rulers than the lives of it's children?

Is this Great Society going to be a living Hell where a man must live in constant terror of having his children snatched away from him and used to console the insane bloodthirsty instincts of the dictator.

My opinion is that since our constitution guarantees: Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness; and because the army denies all three; the draft is not lawful.

My understanding is that a child is responsible to the parent and the parent to the child. I understand that if my child hurts someone with an automobile the government will not be responsible, but I will; so he is my property and not subject to your draft.

The oldest law in existence to my knowledge is the Law of Moses in the Bible, it takes precedence over all the laws of man. I will show that this is against God's Law in many ways. I will show that The United States is NOT a Christian nation as supposed but is serving false gods as described in the Bible.

I can tell you how to understand the language used before the Tower of Babel, where God confounded it Himself. It is terribly simple and easy to comprehend if you will only do one thing, Love God. Your language was babbled, and you have all this confusion, and your 200 different so called Christian Churches in this country because you will not accept that one fact. God's purpose is to give the evil an opportunity to destroy themselves. His plan is automatic and foolproof. In the book of Jeremiah 10:21 "For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the Lord: therefor they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered."

God is not with us, we will never win another war, the trend is over for us. Our Boys fought valiantly in Korea with many men and much material, against a very small, weak adversary, and after a long struggle, it was a draw. We attacked Cuba and were driven off. We then bluffed Russia in the matter of a base in Cuba and they backed down; now we will never know if it was, that they were, peace loving, or if we scared them.

You are like filthy swine that eat the flesh of your own children. You worship false gods. You have sunk to the lowest form of life as described in the Bible. Of course there may be decent men among you, but I have been talking about most of you.

I therefor state my terms: My boy will not be available for the draft, on my orders as his father. He is a "MINOR" and responsible to me, and me for him, and he is obligated to obey me. His orders are not to come, so your quarrel is with me. If anyone comes to take my boy, you must be prepared to Kill Me. I will meet whoever comes on my front door step with a single shot, shot gun, and will attempt to kill the first man that gets in my house. I will have only one shot in the gun, and after I kill the man I will surrender, AS A PRISONER OF WAR. You will have a chance to kill me anytime before I kill your man as I will use No. 6 shot with a killing range of less than 50 feet. If you are in such need of childpower for your legions as to kill the boy's father first, you have just to notify me of when, and I will stand in the doorway in plain view for you. I will even turn my back on you if it would make it easier for you. I love this, my country, but I love God more. If you intend to kill me I suggest you do it before I kill your man as I will be unarmed after I fire the single shot; and then you will be shooting an unarmed prisoner. You can also save the life of one man, and save me from becoming a murderer; but remember I value my life as much as his and since I consider it a good cause, I will not hesitate to kill him.

My children respect their father, they will obey me, none of my children have ever troubled the law because, I have taught them to obey the law, I have also taught them to love God, and hate the military. If my children are forced into the army they will not be serving the cause of the military. The reason my children love me is because I love them, and will fight and die for them if necessary. They also have never known me to lie to anyone.

My terms are not unreasonable: the government must not take my children. If you want money or property, take it, but you can not use my children to do your fighting. Fight your own war You COWARDS.


Twenty five years ago the people of America were appalled at the behavior of Hitler. Why did the people follow him when he was so wrong? The answer is; Their recollection of Germany as a nation and as their homeland brought fond memories. Germany was a great place to live in their eyes. They were looking at the whole picture of Germany and not the last few years. Every country has it's ups and downs but the people pay little attention. The rest of the world on the other hand pays no attention when a country minds it's own business and lives at peace and harmony. But as soon as a country or leader of a country gets out of harmony with a peaceful prospect in the world " it causes concern, and places that country in a bad light to the rest of the world. Many Americans agree it would of been a good thing for Germans to of been critical of Hitler and his ambition of a wonderful world under himself.

The Nuremberg Trials pointed out a responsibility by everyone to refuse to do the will of men bent on using uncivilized methods to gain unlawful ends. To me it makes no difference who rules the world; whether it is a power crazy Hitler or a power crazy Johnson.

Leaders and rulers have given different reasons to fight but their reason has always been the same; more power for them. No politician or ruler was ever satisfied with the office or power given him. An invading army can not take any more from a country than the country has to give. Our own politicians agree that they are already taxing us to the breaking point and if the taxes were increased we would loose our incentive to work and they ( Our Rulers ) would get less; then tell me how a invading country could get more from us? To the people it makes no difference if they are ruled by one bunch of leaches or another.

The rulers will never stop fighting, that is the way they think. The only way to have peace is for the people to stop fighting! I AM FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT TO STOP FIGHTING.

We believe that Our Power Crazy Rulers desire for a piece of Korea, a piece of Vietnam, a piece of Dominican Republic is just as aggressive as Hitler's conquest of the world. President Johnson claims that he wants a Great Society for all the world, but his conquests are causing a senseless slaughter of the Vietnamese and for what? Freedom? This too, becomes senseless when he expects each young man to lay six of the best years of his life on the alter of Johnson's greed for control of what he terms to be a free world. FREE? HA if you live through your term of slavery.

On Tuesday Feb. 15,1966 Barry Bondhus and his parents went to talk to the draft board about his classification. The chairman of the board made it perfectly clear that he had no sympothy for Barry's views. During the course of the conversation Mr. Bondhus was trying to explain to the chairman of the draft board why; he was more concerned about his boys going into the army then the chairman of the draft board was. Mr. Bondhus said he was the father of eleven boys and naturally he would be more concerned and more emotional about losing his boys to the army than a person with only one boy. To wit; the chairman of the draft board said; Oh! you have eleven boys do you. Where is the rest of them? Implying that he was very sympathetic and he would be tickled to death to get his hands on the rest of them as soon as possible. At this point the interview became strained and the Bondhus's were ushered out. His statement was about as popular with the Bondhus's as such statements made during the Indian uprising in Minnesota; "I don't care what they eat. Eat grass". And Marie Antoinette before the French revolution; "If the people don't have bread let them eat cake". In leaving the draft board the Bondhuses felt there was nothing to look forward to for the next 24 yeare but flag draped caskets. For the next few days the conversation in the Bondhus family ranged from; the idea of cutting open a certain Pig to see if he had a heart, to immigrating to a peace loving country where the boys wouldn't be forced to serve in an army of aggression, and forced to kill their fellow human beings and be killed by them.

Since he had no right to ask for the boys under draft age we were forced to conclude rest or residue ( as in rest room ) was what he asked for. Barry knew what the rest of the boys was and he brought it in and poured it in their files.

The responsibility to think is to responsible men in responsible positions and not to children whose responsibility is only to obey those men. It isn't Barry's to understand) Just carry it out. The chairman of the draft board's order was; for the rest of his brothers. When a stupid order is given and a boy caries it out; Punish him, and if he doesn't carry it out shoot him.

Tom Bondhus Big Lake, Minn.

My Accusations Against The Draft

A draft is slavery. When boys are forced to serve a comunity as a slave, they are under Cqmmunist Slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation frees slaves in the United States so, no matter what color the boy is, he is a free man. Our Constitution also guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which the army denies.

2. A draft is against equal opportunity. Boys are defered to attend college, while boys learning a trade are not, denying these boys an equal chance or opportunity. Our government is sponsoring a caste system in this country, with tradesmen far beneath college or "Professional People" and the more letters after the name the higher up in the cast. For instance a doctor used to refer to a physician but now it is the mark of a member of the upper cast and a highschool drop out is an untouchable even if he proves himself in the trades.

3. The draft is ruining all chances of a young man to get a good job in the business world or in industry because the army is able to grab him at any time and all the expensive training is wasted. A soldier returning to his old job must get it back also so the employer is forced to put him on and fire good reliable help making it even less attractive to hire a boy of draft age. Then these boys find it so hard to find employment of any of the better jobs, so they, in discouragement join the army. This tends to take the spirit out of the boys and when the army is through with them, even more spirit has been taken out, so we are left with a young generation of lazy, spineless, moochers or to use the slang, they have joined the 52/20 club. All one has to do is look around to see all the lazy bums on welfare to see what the army has done for them. Their will is broken and their ambition is gone.

4. The draft is destroying the sanctity of the home. Boys become belligerent nervous, obstinate, offensive, confused, and many times their morals slip; with the conflict of authority between the family and the threat of slavery by the government. These are the seeds of crime and vice, yet we say we can't understand why crime and vice are up to the high point they are now.

5. The father's authority is threatened because his religious values, integrity, love of mankind, honesty, loyalty, constructivity, and human concern for others, must be replaced by the religious compromise, the lies and deceit, hatred, contempt, intrigue, destruction and learning how to destroy, disregard for human life and property, and love of letting blood by the military. It is no wonder our standards are slipping.

6. You are teaching our children that God's laws are stupid and that they should follow yours. You tell them to ignore God and obey you.

7. You are trying to frighten children into imagining a non existing enemy and then you switch from one enemy to another as your imagination wanders.

8. You hire chaplains in the army to tell the boys they will go to heaven if they die in battle. The Bible does say; you will be cut off if you don't have seed to carry you down.

9. The draft spoils young men's hopes for a normal life to protect old people who would not vote for the war if it was necessary to vote with 50% or even

10. % of their cash or savings to pay for the war. The old in this country are leeching the blood of the young. They send them off to war and then, they vote higher pensions and Medicare so they can live plushly while the boys sweat it out in foxholes. Sure they're for war; They're scared and the war doesn't cost them a thing.


Last month my son Barry Bondhus poured two large pails of human dung in to six of the top file drawers at the draft board and the fluid ran down and messed up the rest of their files, messing up 16 file drawers as stated on the complaint. The Government now finds itself in a bad position. A complaint has been signed against Barry and the government has committed many crimes against Barry and myself in their handling of this case; but each time they get the bloody end of the stick. Now the Government seems to be checkmated; they haven't arranged him yet and they don't release him. They don't let him go to trial. Their problem is that law is designed to protect good citizens and not to force them into slavery.

Our defense is simple. Our precedent is the trial of Jesus Christ in the court of Pontius Pilate; "And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar." Tribute was only mentioned twice by Christ; one time they asked Peter if his master pays tribute, and he said yes, then Jesus instructed them to pay it with a piece of money. The other time Jesus mentioned tribute was when certain of the Pharisees and Herodians tried to catch him in his words. They said; "Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not? Shall we give, or shall we not give? But he, knowing their hypocrisy, said unto them, Why tempt ye me? bring me a penny, that I may see it. And they brought it, And he said unto them, Whose is the image and superscription? and they said unto him Caesar's." In this statement there are 3 facts deliberately and conveniently overlooked by the clergy. They are 1. There was no penny in the Roman coin at that time. 2. He asked for the IMAGE and SUPERSCRIPTION; a fact that is completely ignored by all Bible students that I am aware of. " They said unto him Caesar's". As it says in the Book of Daniel, it said the man's heart was taken away from the king and a beast's heart was given him until 7 times passed over and he did know that the heavens do rule in the kingdom of men. The 7 times passed over represented the 7 presidents of the United States that enforced the draft.

The draft is a law by which young men are seized and put in the army. Therefor the one that seizes these young men is referred to as a Caesar, or one that seizes obviously. 3. Therefor as we look at this penny we notice the face of Caesar; the first American Caesar: Lincoln. The first American draft was during the civil 'War under Abraham Lincoln, The First American Caesar, so they spoke truly when they said it was Caesar's picture on the penny. But Christ asked for the image and superscription and the superscription over the head of Lincoln is, "In God we trust". Therefor in Jesus' answer unto them, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." God is mentioned in the superscription of our penny and the thing that is God's is TRUST. Therefor we might say unto God TRUST and render the rest to Caesar. Barry has done just that. He has given his trust to God and poured the rest of his brothers in the files of the Caesar or draft board. As it says in the book of Daniel 11:38 The king is honoring the God of forces (or munitions) and a God whom his fathers knew not. Read the rest yourself. This is the God our government has learned to trust. This phony God of forces (or munitions) that Abraham Lincoln taught our people to worship. Lincoln turned his back on Liberty and freedom and made slaves of all our young men. Look at the penny and you will see he has his back turned to the word Liberty. I quote Lincoln in a letter he sent to General Hooker; "I have heard, in such a way as to believe it, of your recently saying that both the army and the Government needs a Dictator. Or course it was not for this, but in spite of it, that I have given you command. Only those generals who gain successes, can set up dictatorships. What I now ask of you is military success, and I will risk the dictatorship." Lincoln once said "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." I say he came as close to it as anyone I know of.

The week Barry acted Two Countries were taken over by their own military.

March 21,1966 By Tom Bondhus of Big Lake, Minn.

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free."
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