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Military Draft Cases

Here you'll find the information we've collected on the military draft court cases that Tom Bondhus was involved in. In addition to the military draft cases, we'll also put some of the other court cases that Tom Bondhus was in. There aren't a lot, as Tom Bondhus was not a lawyer, nor had he any legal training or experience. In spite of this, he was able to successfully battle against some of the Government's best lawyers, on the military draft and other issues.

As you see, when it comes to the military draft, the government will not give up easy. They'll throw every thing they have you. In spite of this, Tom Bondhus, who was a complete amateur, was able to beat them.

This site is currently in progress, expect to see additional military draft information in the comming months.

If you worried about the military draft, you should study this information and study hard. If you are not concerned with the military draft, you'll likely still find it very interesting.

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