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Selective Service

I was told the story as follows. This was written by Tom Bondhus, but delivered by his own mother, who was turning him in. Tom Bondhus was told that FBI couldn't find any agents willing to arrest him. This document is also included in the Barry Bondhus case, along with newspaper clippings.


The United States has indicated an intention to draft my boy into the army. I will not permit you to take my children. If you persist by using force, I will have no choice but to acknowledge a state of active war exists between The United States and Me (Tom Bondhus). This document is my formal declaration of war laying down my terms of battle or surrender on this point; however in the interest of avoiding bloodshed, I am willing and eager to negotiate a peaceful settlement. I await your answer as to time and place to meet with you. I will hold my fire until you indicate your intentions.

When I was a small boy 5 or 6 years old I remember having a fear of being forced into the army and made to kill fellow human beings. I made up my mind then that I would not do this. I longed for man to become civilized so war would not be necessary. I swore I would do anything in my power to stop this madness of man killing man uselessly on the battle front. Most people agree that war accomplishes nothing. I have asked myself from the beginning; Why go to war? When I was of draft age in the first second world war, I was constantly afraid of being forced into the army; not because I was afraid to die, but because I would refuse to kill others that were no more guilty than myself.

The boys don't deserve to die for the bungling of the politicians.

I was classed 4F because of flat feet and escaped for a time but now it starts over again; you want my boys. As I had children, and the more children I have, the more I prize them. I now have 10 boys and will have more. I prize them more than life itself.

I believed the propaganda thrust on us during the war with Hitler; when they said there would be no war with Germany if the people had refused to follow that mad man. We now have a mad power crazy feeling in the United States. Now I am going to follow that advice and try to stop the aggression of these power crazy lunatics.

The simplest way to tell an aggressor is to observe whose land they are fighting on. We are fighting on their land. We have bases all around Russia and they have none here so we are the aggressor.

I would like to think of myself as more of a man than to let my boy fight my battle for me. YOU are a coward to send children to fight a war you believe in.

Is this Great Society a condition where a man must place a higher value on property and the political views of the rulers than the lives of it's children?

Is this Great Society going to be a living Hell where a man must live in constant terror of having his children snatched away from him and used to console the insane bloodthirsty instincts of the dictator.

My opinion is that since our constitution guarantees: Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness; and because the army denies all three; the draft is not lawful.

My understanding is that a child is responsible to the parent and the parent to the child. I understand that if my child hurts someone with an automobile the government will not be responsible, but I will; so he is my property and not subject to your draft.

The oldest law in existence to my knowledge is the Law of Moses in the Bible, it takes precedence over all the laws of man. I will show that this is against God's Law in many ways. I will show that The United States is NOT a Christian nation as supposed but is serving false gods as described in the Bible.

I can tell you how to understand the language used before the Tower of Babel, where God confounded it Himself. It is terribly simple and easy to comprehend if you will only do one thing, Love God. Your language was babbled, and you have all this confusion, and your 200 different so called Christian Churches in this country because you will not accept that one fact. God's purpose is to give the evil an opportunity to destroy themselves. His plan is automatic and foolproof. In the book of Jeremiah 10:21 "For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the Lord: therefor they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered."

God is not with us, we will never win another war, the trend is over for us. Our Boys fought valiantly in Korea with many men and much material, against a very small, weak adversary, and after a long struggle, it was a draw. We attacked Cuba and were driven off. We then bluffed Russia in the matter of a base in Cuba and they backed down; now we will never know if it was, that they were, peace loving, or if we scared them.

You are like filthy swine that eat the flesh of your own children. You worship false gods. You have sunk to the lowest form of life as described in the Bible. Of course there may be decent men among you, but I have been talking about most of you.

I therefor state my terms: My boy will not be available for the draft, on my orders as his father. He is a "MINOR" and responsible to me, and me for him, and he is obligated to obey me. His orders are not to come, so your quarrel is with me. If anyone comes to take my boy, you must be prepared to Kill Me. I will meet whoever comes on my front door step with a single shot, shot gun, and will attempt to kill the first man that gets in my house. I will have only one shot in the gun, and after I kill the man I will surrender, AS A PRISONER OF WAR. You will have a chance to kill me anytime before I kill your man as I will use No. 6 shot with a killing range of less than 50 feet. If you are in such need of childpower for your legions as to kill the boy's father first, you have just to notify me of when, and I will stand in the doorway in plain view for you. I will even turn my back on you if it would make it easier for you. I love this, my country, but I love God more. If you intend to kill me I suggest you do it before I kill your man as I will be unarmed after I fire the single shot; and then you will be shooting an unarmed prisoner. You can also save the life of one man, and save me from becoming a murderer; but remember I value my life as much as his and since I consider it a good cause, I will not hesitate to kill him.

My children respect their father, they will obey me, none of my children have ever troubled the law because, I have taught them to obey the law, I have also taught them to love God, and hate the military. If my children are forced into the army they will not be serving the cause of the military. The reason my children love me is because I love them, and will fight and die for them if necessary. They also have never known me to lie to anyone.

My terms are not unreasonable: the government must not take my children. If you want money or property, take it, but you can not use my children to do your fighting. Fight your own war You COWARDS.

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free."
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