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Tom Bondhus spent a great deal of his life fighting the Selective Service Administration, conscription, the military draft in general, both in court and out. He had no experience in law, nor had he any legal training, and yet he was able go fight against a group of the Selective Service Administration's best lawyers and win.

Not one of the Selective Service Administration's best lawyers, but several. A feat, which makes the Dream Team almost look like amatures. After all, the Dream Team was 3 highly trained lawyers which lots of experience.

So how could an amateur fight the selective service and win? Perhaps more important to you, if one amateur could do it, how about you? What you need is the right information.

On this site, you'll find a collection of Tom Bondhus' military draft court cases, as well as some of his writtings. This is not just someone's rantings, much of this information has been used successfully in court.

The military draft was cut short in America largely due to the efforts of Tom Bondhus and others like him, but the Selective Service Administration does not give up easily.

Keep an open mind about you, some of this information is different than the lies you have been taught.

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One more thing, for those of you who are opposed to the military draft. The law does give you the right to choose, but you must make your choice clear. If you wait till the government sends you a draft notice, it is to late. You need to make that choice in advance and provide rock solid evidence that shows you are opposed to it. Otherwise the court will believe that you are not opposed to the draft or to war, but rather you simply don't want to fight. If you are truly opposed to something, you take action immediately, not wait till the government sends you a draft notice.

The World Peace Church provides a convienent way to proove your anti-war and anti-draft belief. Making regular donations to this church will show that you support this belief, which provides legal proof that you are truly opposed to conscription and war. With enough support, the World Peace Church can become a powerful force that will stand against conscription and stop it in it's path.

To have this strenth, however, we must have numbers. We must stand together. Help us as much as you can to gather as much support as possible. Become a member today, and talk your friends and people you meet into becomming members as well.

Also, check out my video Where in the Bible is World Peace, and learn what is God's real plan for the future of mankind. You'll find that God actually is love.

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free."
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