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for the District of Montana

Criminal No. 532

Motion for Enforcement

of Subpoena

Defendant moves the court for an order that the subpoena issued to Richard Nixon, President of the United States, commanding him to appear herein to testify in this case at Billings on the 25th day of August, 1971, 9 o'clock A.M., be upheld in order that an adequate defense can be presented.

The defendant cannot safely go to trial without the witness, and although a subpoena has been sent to the U.S. Marshall in Billings with all fees for service and compliance properly tendered in advance, it is our belief that the President will fail to comply with the subpoena.

In all actuality it should be up to the prosecution to subpoena him as a witness. However we have been unable to get a hold of the list of witnesses the prosecution plans on calling in, so we have no way of knowing whether or not they plan to have the President show up. Therefore we must go on the history of past cases, and there is no record of the President showing up for any draft case we know of. There is no reason to assume that the prosecution will act any differently in this case. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to see that the President shows up in court.

There is no reason why the President should be immune from a subpoena to testify at a trial. Everyone has the right to be faced by his accuser. In this case the accuser can only be the President. It is the President who sends his greetings ordering our boys into the army. Since this power rests souly on his shoulders, so does the power to accuse those who refuse his orders.

It is the intent and purpose of the defense to prove that failing to bring the President into court has been the repeated mistake of every draft case in this country. We feel that if he had been brought in as he should have been, no boy would have gone to jail for refusing induction. I am putting five years of my life in jeopardy to prove this point and it is up to the court to see that I get every opportunity to do so.

In no way is the defense overstepping its bounds by demanding the President be brought into court. We are only exercising our rights under the 6th Amendment of our constitution.

We are going to show through this motion that without the presence of the President at this trial the defendant will be unjustly convicted and only with his presence will the defendant be acquitted. We believe that with the evidence we are about to offer the court will recognize that in order for the defendant to get a fair trial it must see to it that Richard Milhous Nixon is brought before this court.

Our legal point is far more complicated than the courts are accustomed to coping with. So we must first present certain preliminary facts which will only seem relevant after the legal point itself has been taken. This motion has been filed for the court's benefit in order to understand the relevance of certain evidence we will be presenting.

We feel it is the duty of every citizen to do whatever he can to see that our laws are kept constant with our Constitution. We can do this by either contesting the law or pointing out deficiencies to the governors of the law. In this case we feel that the best interests of our country can be served by first obeying that portion of the law that the justice department has forgotten to obey; and then persuade the court to incorporate it into the law of the land. This deficiency in our current draft law can be supplemented with the application of God's simple law for drafting men to go forth to war. It is necessary to apply God's law to our draft law. We are not going to prove that the Selective Service Act is unconstitutional, but rather that it is constitutional with the simple application of God's law, because then and only then does it protect the freedom of the people.

God's law is stated in Exodus 30:12, "When thou takest the sum of the children of Israel after their number, then shall they give every man a ransom for his soul unto the Lord, when thou numberest them; that there be no plague among them, when thou numberest them." We know that numbering means drafting into the army because the cross references leads us to Numbers 1:2 "Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel, after their families, by the house of their father, with the number of their names, every male by their polls.?" This is very much the same as we run our draft today. Every male citizen of the United States must register at his local board at a certain age. We therefore are numbered by the house of our fathers.

This verse of the Bible is the very same verse quoted by General Hershey in his book SELECTIVE SERVICE AND CHRONOLOGY to set a Biblical antecedent for the draft. However he missed the whole point. Instead of citing an example of a draft, he cited an exemption. You will notice that it says every male by their polls;" A poll is a way to vote as: yes or no; Caesar or God. Poll means back of the head: so if the head of our people wishes their backing, he must use a poll to get it.

This is where God's law comes in. The law states that whenever we number, or draft, men to go forth to war, we give them a ransom", which is a sum of money they may pay to justify themselves before the Lord because they ran. One penny can be paid by any American boy to be excused from our draft call. This is by decree of God and no one has the power to deny this right.

Hershey failed to quote the third verse of that chapter because it is rather embarrassing. It says "From twenty years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to war in Israel: thou and Aaron shall number them by their armies." We are drafting teenagers, so Hershey left that out for a very good reason. Hershey then goes on to say in his book that the forty-sixth verse of the same chapter records that 603,550 men were subsequently "inducted" to go forth to war in Israel after being "registered" and "classified". This is not true at all. The forty-sixth verse merely says that many men were numbered. They were not inducted nor did they go to war. The cross-references lead us back to chapter 38 of Exodus which says that every man paid their way out of the army. We know it is the same draft because of the number of men mentioned. Naturally there was no war held. The reason that the men paid their way out of the army is very simple. It was n1 t because the cause for fighting was a bad one, for they were trying to get into Israel and had to fight their way in. They paid because they were cowards. They had just come out of slavery in Egypt and did not know how to think as free men. In order for a man to be brave, he must be free. There is no such thing as a brave slave. Since these men were used to cowering to the Egyptians, they would naturally cower when it came to fighting a war.

Of course Moses knew that it was better not to fight than to fight with a bunch of cowards. If you force a man to fight for you as this country does you can't expect him to be brave in the face of the enemy while cowering to your threats. He will cower as he has been trained to cower. Naturally God was rather irate with the fact that he had a bunch of cowards on his hands, and he wanted to kill them all. But Moses talked him out of this and instead they went back into the wilderness and rotted for 40 years. After these men had all died off and their children had grown up, Moses called another draft. This time not a single man paid their way out. These men had grown up as free and brave men. There were approximately the same amount of men numbered this time as last. But

Moses took only 12,000 of these dedicated men to fight his war. Although they were outnumbered by their enemy they had no trouble wiping out the whole lot of them. Moses did not lose a single man, yet the Midianites were completely annihilated.

Why this system of drafting works so well is really quite simple. Our country must handle it's men as any wise woman does to get devotion. Both the wise and foolish women may have husbands but that is about where it ends. The difference in how well men provide for their women is very great. Men buy their wives diamonds and mink to satisfy their own vanity and wise women use this fact to get the most out of their husbands. When a woman is proud and appreciative with the minimum, more will surely follow.

A country is like a wise woman with a wealthy, devoted husband, OR: A country is like a prostitute with a thousand men, when the number of men is important to her. The whore does not end up with more, even though it would seem that she has more to draw from. It is an illusion of Satan. God has told us how to draft men for war and although we get thousands of men as the prostitute does, they will do us no more good than they have done her. The devotion of the men is a thousand times more important than the number of men.

God has provided a way by which we can be sure of the devotion of our men: "Poll" them in such a way that they cannot refuse to dedicate themselves to fight to the death for a good cause; and at the same time they can, as their natural desire to live dictates to them, refuse to serve a bad cause. The idea is based on using man's vanity to it's natural advantage as the wise woman does to gain her man's devotion. God has said that when you draft men to go forth to war, you must" poll" them so that they may ransom themselves from the action with one "penny". This sanctuary is available and is being used here in the United States now. It is not as popular as one might think, because if one does believe in the war, he must assess his own worth at less than one penny to buy out of what he knows he should do.

His self respect will not let him do this, but if it is offered to him, he does not question again his dedication. He knows that if he could have gotten out for only one penny and didn't, he must be brave. The enemy knows it too and will be terrified, as they were when Moses used it. Remember: If a man is marked for death, it doesn't make any difference to him how many men are going to kill him. I don't remember that the Hanoi radio mentioned how many men would be used when they said that General Maxwell Taylor was marked for death. I only remember it was one week before the General resigned and returned home from his assignment in Vietnam.

As reflected by Patrick Henry, it is apparent that nothing is sweeter to men than freedom. We can be sure! once they get the smell of it, every man on the Earth will not rest until he gets this freedom for himself. Ask yourself; If you were given a choice; Would you be willing to die for anything but a very good cause? God has provided us with a way to give our enemy and the other men of the whole world that choice to live and be free men.

It does not take a very complicated equation to figure out that wars will not happen if only the very good causes can get men to fight. You must remember what was said two thousand years ago: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". God has set this freedom up, so it must start in the United States, which was chosen as the birthplace of freedom. By aiding the cause of freedom to get a dedicated army and denying the dictator his means to force men, God has opened the door to everything we fight for. The devotion of our men will be known to us and to our enemy. The fact that we under estimate the value of devotion will prevent us from rushing into a war with a small army. The fact that devotion is far more important than we can imagine will protect us from losing when we go to war with what in our opinion is an adequate army. When every man in our army is dedicated to fight to the death, it is for our enemy a very terrifying thing. His fear will draw more of his attention to the fearlessness and resolution of our men than to the number of them. He will run and hide as soon as he can. Their army will divide it's self so we can conquer them. This method of numbering men to go forth to war was used by Noses and was proven to be uncanny. Moses didn't lose a man and yet they completely destroyed their enemy. Who is to fight fearless men? Men are brave and fearless only when they are taught to be so by a free system. The army of Moses had to be kept free to think as free men, for 40 years, before they would respond to a free draft call.

As contrast: The first draft call by Moses was only 13 months after they left Egypt, where they were trained to be cowards. Moses had only 2 men willing to fight, and 603,550 cowards. They didn't fight for obvious reasons. If men are taught to cower by their own leaders they will do just that when confronted by an enemy. Laws can be made to force men to continually cower and conform, or laws can be made to preserve their freedom. The basic idea of the dictatorship, monarchy, or slave government is to gradually train their people to accept controls of all kinds, until they cower enough to serve the ruling class. When they disobey God's Ransom law and become slave governments, they will always fall in the same way. Their men will naturally cower from their enemies as they are taught by their own system.

The basic idea of a free government is to have no controls except those which protect the freedom of all the people in general. As an example; traffic laws will protect people from losing the freedom to move about because of crippling accidents. Laws against robbery will protect your freedom to spend your own money, etc. We must realize that our freedom is not freedom if it endangers the freedom of others. Our freedom must be total freedom. Not one sided freedom, which benefits only one group or individual.

Laws can be put in two general groups:

GOOD LAWS which prevent some men from denying freedom to others.

BAD LAWS which deny freedom and tend to enslave men. Moses provided us with a very fine set of laws: every one of which preserves our freedom. Satan has given us very bad advice, which will eventually take away our freedom.

Before America patterned it's draft law after Satan's, First Chronicles 21:1, we did quite well in our wars. We got free from England; We stopped the French from bothering our shipping; We stopped the English from impressing our seamen; We took Texas away from Mexico; We put the Indians to peace and in general we achieved everything we fought for. We won the cause of holding the nation together a few weeks after we passed an amendment to our Constitution, which will prevent our forced service. With Satan's advice we have lost everything that we fought for. We did not "End All Wars" as promised in the First World War. We did not "Make The World Safe For Democracy", for which we fought in the Second World War. We were rescued by the U.N. in Korea and returned to where we started, accomplishing nothing. Again in Vietnam as in Korea we have fallen for the same trick which gave Communism it's mother country. England was tricked into helping the South gain it's "Self Determination". With Communist help our Country was split, with the North fighting to unify the country under their own leadership. The loss of the cotton drained the English economy so that a depression started and the Communists got control of England. Our economy is now depleted to where we have no gold, we have no silver, and we have lost our most pleasant thing: Freedom.

Each man in a free society is an individual who must be controlled only by himself, yet brought into harmony with the ideals for which the Country stands by the logical responses of free thinking men to our God given Liberty.

I will point out to you the Key to reopen the door to freedom and peace forever. David closed the door of freedom as recorded in First Chronicles 21:1, "And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel". The term "NUMBER" is explained in the Book of Numbers 1:2, where the marginal references will refer you to the draft law of God: Exodus 30:12. And to Exodus 38:26 and Numbers 26:2,63,6k, where Moses gave us another account of the same draft, called by God himself They got no men at all to fight, because the men had been trained to be cowards by the forced service they had just left in Egypt. Those men took advantage of the "RANSOM" feature of God's draft law, Matt. 20:28, enabling them to be free from the action by paying one half shekel: Now re established by Jesus Christ as one U.S. "PENNY". This Ransom will not only prevent a bad king from getting a good army, but it will prevent a good King from getting a bad army. The last reference leads us back to First Chronicles 21:1 where Satan provoked David to number Israel. It is written that David first closed the door of freedom and agreed with God to leave it locked up for 3,000 years (see Second Peter 3:8) or until about now, to teach the folly of man's own draft laws. Notice: In our National Anthem, we call the mercenary and draftee "the hireling and slave

It must be that the Key to that door which David closed would be called "The Key of David". This Key of David was used by the first American Caesar, who was installed by Karl Marx, to close off our freedom and restore to acceptance the same evil deed that Satan provoked David to do. The Key of David is within the quotation marks of our National Anthem. When one studies it very carefully, he will find how it was twisted to close the door on God. It is, and should be, as It is! "In God is our trust" from our National Anthem. It was twisted to mean exactly the opposite and yet the switch remained undetected by Americans for over one hundred years.

If we are aligned with God so that we are loyal, dedicated, obedient and trustworthy; the subject., "OUR TRUST" which is considered to be either a person., place, or thing; must be US as persons who are pledging our allegiance to God. Our Trust can not serve God unless it is transferred to be "in God" by the verb as in our National Anthem. Notice that this motto, while pledging our trustworthiness, makes NO demands on God to serve us.

Our National motto was twisted to turn our people away from serving God. "In God We trust", means that we trust or have confidence, in that God will continue to serve us. It offers God nothing. It demands that God must continue to serve us and be trustworthy, or we could not say, "IN GOD WE TRUST". God is expected to be delighted by us trusting him to serve us as our slave. The Key is turned from US serving God: to expecting God to serve US. Since God is the "Author of Liberty"., it is a damned poor bet that God will-be willing to be our slave.

The fact is that if we trusted God, as implied on our money., we would trust God's Word and obey his advice. The word "WE" should mean everyone in the United States and so it must imply that God's Laws take precedence over any of our Country's Laws. If this is not so., the motto (IN GOD WE TRUST) is a lie as Christ said it is.

We have a very good start toward freedom in our 13th Amendment., which says., "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude since our National Anthem calls the man of a forced military service a "slave".

Uncle Sam

Sam means to bring together; collect; put in order. Uncle is the brother of a mother: as of the mother country. During the War of 1812 the term "Uncle Sam' originated as a derogatory name for the United States. It seemed that we were collecting the tired, the poor, the huddled masses., the wretched refuse of their teaming shores. We gave refuge to boys who wanted to be free of the draft which Americans called "SLAVERY" in the Star Spangled Banner. Since we were dealing in "pawns" which those boys were in their mother land, England, they thought of us as a pawnbroker. Thus the name Uncle which is a pawnbroker and Sam which means to collect or bring together. When America beat England, their mother country, America was officially recognized as a brother, or equal in standing to England, and thus Uncle to the children of England. So we made them "say uncle". The people of the United States considered that insult a compliment and took the name "Uncle Sam" to their hearts.

If when you hold to America's original precept of freedom: That men are not pawns to be maneuvered in a chess game for the pleasure of a few; that draftees are slaves and should be freed; if we should agree with George Washington who warned us against what our Country is now doing; if we hold to those old ideas of freedom, we may be considered as less than a brother by so called Americans. If you are called something less than an American brother., take heart, because you are then a cousin. A cousin is a person collaterally related more remotely than a brother or sister. If you are as a cousin to one who is "a real live nephew of his Uncle Sam", that would make you Sam's son (Samson).

As Samson you might like to slew your enemy with the "Jaw bone of an ass". The word "slew" in the Bible comes from a Prime root: to strike (lightly or severely, lit. or fig.). The jawbone is defined as a moist or green Jawbone as in the living mouth of an ass, which is also a fool. The fool or stupid "ASS" of course was our draft director who used his mouth to make the statement that the Bible starts out in the Book of Numbers with a military draft. The draft he mentioned as an antecedents was an exemption from a draft and every man he mentioned did escape from that draft. Now all of our "decent" boys can escape the draft in the same way because the example of a draft that he said he patterned our draft after got no men to serve at all.

Read the story of Samson in the Bible in Judges 13 & 14 where Samson put forth the riddles "Out of the eater came - forth meat., and out -of the strong came forth sweetness. Take careful notice of their answer. It was in the form of two questions: "What is sweeter than honey? and what is stronger than a lion?" Because Samson rent the lion it is obvious that Samson is stronger than the lion as in the War of 1812: The British "Lion" and Sam's sons. World peace., freedom and a permanent end to all wars is sweeter than honey to me. Remember the commission given for Samson by the angel of the Lord: "and no razor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb: and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines." It must be noted that this is the prophecy which was fulfilled by Joseph when he took Jesus to live in Nazareth so he could be called a Nazarene. See the footnotes of Matt. 2:23. Because the prophecy was said and not written the angel could have meant: Don't let anyone raise the child to turn his head or no raiser shall direct him to head him wrong for he shall be a (na-czar-reign or na-czar-right). He shall start at his birth to take away the power from the Czar; Caesar; or Seizor of the Philistines (files-teens). God said they could, if they followed his POLL., draft men from twenty years old and older. We draft them 18 and 19 which are called "teens' and we don't give any of them the "POLL" commanded by God to make them FREE MEN. "Take it on the lam" means to escape the bounds of an authority. The lamb of God told us to "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's Samson rent the lion as he would have rent a kid, and he had nothing in his hand. Rent is a participle of read or render and the Hebrew word "bekah" which means a separation for the kids from the Seizor's draft. Exodus 38:26 "A bekah for every man, that is, half a shekel, after the shekel of the sanctuary, for every one that went to be numbered from twenty years old and upward, for six hundred thousand and three thousand and five hundred and fifty men." and those were the men that Our Draft Director cited as an "ANTECEDENTS". There was no war because there were no men left to fight.


The purpose of an army is to cow the enemy so that they cower and become cowards. A coward will seek to protect himself at the expense of his fellow countrymen. It is profitable to study what makes men brave or cowardly: Then train ours to be brave. If bravery could be traced to heredity, one single nation or people would have distinguished, themselves as brave. If we believe that this is "The land of the free and the home of the brave". then we must agree that environment makes men brave because our Country is made up of all peoples. When that environment of freedom is polluted., the bravery of our men will degrade.

The Key to assure bravery is found in our National Anthem which I have just quoted. The Star-Spangled Banner states that England lost because of "their foul footsteps pollution". Key was obviously referring to England following Bonaparte's feat of raising an army by force. By killing or jailing men who refused to fight for him, Bonaparte forced them to cower and become cowards. As cowards; Bonaparte had an army of bullies and not brave men. Bullies fight fine as long as they can be convinced that it is "safer to win than to lose", but as soon as they start to lose and they can see the danger, they scatter like chickens. You see: A coward is a bully only when he feels safe but a brave man's dedication is constant and reliable when it is needed the most.

In the third verse Key said., the English boasted that they would use force to prevent the men, who's home was England, from calling their home America just because they became American citizens. Key goes on to state., "No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave", because America was winning and the English hirelings and slaves that we would now call mercenaries and draftees, would run or die. In each verse of our National Anthem., Key concludes with the idea that we will win because we are "The land of the free and the home of the braver" We are brave because we are free in comparison to the enemas mercenaries and draftees who are cowards because they are hirelings and slaves.

If changing environment can effect men's bravery., why not effect the enemy's environment to change their cowardly bullies into decent brave men with moral responsibility and a just sense of right from wrong so that they can not be used by the tyrants of the world for their evil purpose?

The world now has forced service and bullies on both sides but there is a way to assure that the environment of the world is such that cowards are no longer made so that decent men will dominate all the countries of the world. This way does not depend on the cooperation of others. Their attitude makes no difference.

A coward is the tool of a tyrant to bully the world into submission. To strip the tyrant of his power we must provide an escape for every coward in the world where by he does not have to endanger himself by fighting for any man. Then make it impossible for his government to deny him that escape or freedom. The result will be a removing of power from the leaders and returning the power to the people and freedom will reign over the entire world.

The author of the plan is the greatest military strategist that the world has ever known. He has won many wars and was never defeated. He knew that a plan of that magnitude would be extremely difficult to implement and would take time to work out, check the weak points and cover them: Time to synchronize the timing of various stages to get men to react in a predictable way without forcing them: Time to assure that his helpers would understand the plan and keep the plan secret from his enemies for the vast periods of time which would be required. He would have to develop a language or code which could be used interchangeably with many languages. He would have to calculate the strategy. of his opposition and plan the counter action in advance. If this was not hard enough add gaining the devotion of several billion people of many countries., races., and diverse religions such as Jewish., Christian and Moslem. The man, of course was Moses whom Jesus Christ took his orders from and gave his life to assure the second and most difficult phase of the plan. Of course it is unbelievable that any man could be so intelligent so we give the credit to God, whom inspired Moses to record the plan. Now we can wait for the third phase or we can get on the band wagon and share the glory of victory over slavery.


This is a story about how to use one cent as tribute to disarm and command all the kings of the world so that freedom will reign. Certainly no on e of us will take credit for having the idea of freedom. We say, God is the author of liberty and freedom is God given. That being so: The first step in preserving freedom is to read what God said. God has not slept for the last 3,000 years while the world has suffered futile wars with no worthwhile result; but God has set in motion the machinery which will effect every worthwhile dream of mankind. The Bible points out how various stages were developed from the master plan and how they are being carried out to effect it.

The Bible is a very large book and considered to be extremely tiring to read: Not as a result of clumsy writing but as a result of the most important part of God's plan. This plan must be revealed only to men who are dedicated to carrying out their own role or assignment. Others are led away from the secrets as by the bird that pretends to be crippled in order to lure danger away from her little ones.

The first five books in the Bible were written by Moses and through the wisdom of that man the entire Bible was born. Not only the Christian., but the Jewish, and Islam religion of Mohammed take their inspiration from Moses. Freedom was a family tradition with Moses. You remember how his mother freed him from a death decree by Pharaoh when he was a baby. Then how Moses freed his people by passing them through the Red Sea. One simple fact prevented the army of Pharaoh from crossing the Red Sea also and that is that they were diverted by the simple deception of what we call a homonym: Words that sound alike but are spelled differently and seem to have different meanings but do not.

The word "RED" in this case is translated from the Hebrew word (cuwph as soof) meaning a reed, especially the papyrus: - flag. Papyrus is found in the Nile River and was used to make the ancient form of paper. Our word paper comes from the word papyrus. One doesn't need a lot of imagination to see that paper can be read or that you can read paper to see what the author had in mind. Thus t o pass through the RED SEA or reed sea is to pass through the read (reed) or read (red) sea (see) and understand. Paper is read not red. You see by the origin of the word, we are the ones who made the mistake of spelling the word wrong. This is not a mistake but a calculated plan to hide the secret of the matter until the proper time that it should be revealed.

To keep men free, God gave us a simple law. We naturally reason that God's law is fine if everyone follows it. Then if God is to have everyone follow His Law without using any of the force Himself., which we and God are so opposed to., it becomes a much more difficult problem. When a person is committed to an idea and will not listen to reason it is impossible to change his thinking. God will not use force., so it is impossible for God to change that man. However men die and new ones are born who do not have these predetermined ideas, so the hope is with new generations. If new generations find wisdom in God's way., it is possible they will seek to understand God's laws.

God's problem is to find a way by which only one person may follow and receive the benefits while the others may object and not be able to deny God's children the benefits of God's Law and the protection of it. This is a power that is untouchable and impervious to men's tampering. This power is within the reach and understanding of anyone. This power does not abuse anyone or force anyone to do anything against his will. This power frees a man from those who have gained a position of power over men.

This Law can be viewed in it's very complicated sense which I will explain in detail to some degree., but first we will take a quick look at it. There will be men of responsibility over the others to govern them and make their lives easier and smoother. God's Law makes it possible for the least of the children to command the greatest of their leaders to follow the course which will end all wars, yet gain everything that good men hope to gain by war. One child at a time will be freed as they impose the provision of the Law. As others see and understand., they will include themselves under it's benefits. No man who is committed to the Devil's way of war mongering can benefit himself or deny the benefits to the others.

This Law of God was first given by Moses and then revised by Jesus Christ to project it's influence forward into our generation, but the Law was not changed. The projection is part of the master plan mentioned by Moses. The law states that whenever we number men to go forth to war or draft them, we give them a "ransom", which is a sum of money they may pay to justify themselves before the Lord because they ran. One penny can be paid by any American boy to be excused from our draft call. This is by decree of God and no one has the power to deny this right because of the preparation made by God and His associates to force compliance by our President.

God knew that men would soon forget and blunder into the same slavery that He had just rescued them from. When they figured that their way is better than God's way, they would burn God's word or the Bible so that people would not be misled by it. You have heard of the saying., "If you can't beat them join them." God did just that. In one book we are given God's ]Law and examples of situations where the law is used and in another book the same situation is given but by omitting enough to make it acceptable to the enemies of God. In this way they will think that God is with them, and they will preserve and give respect to the Bible. Because they are lazy, they don't think it is necessary to understand the rest of the Bible. As the kings of the World gain power and hold on the people, they become lazier, as do our leaders when they raise their own position by enslaving the people. In particular I refer to our DRAFT. When more boys are forced to serve the generals become fat and lazy.

God's instructions to stop dictators or Caesars can be found in two parts, which I will identify as exhibit A and exhibit B, with exhibit A being the Law or instructions to His servants to follow in order to implement the fact. Exhibit B is bait to catch a fish. You must remember that Jesus Christ said to Peter on their first talk: Matt. 4:18-20 "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Christ plays the most difficult and costly role to free men from their rulers hold as He indicated when He said: Matt. 20:25 "Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them., and they that are great exercise authority upon them. 26. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your servant: 28. Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many." Ransom is of course the name of the Law which I call exhibit A and every boy is the "Son of man" so Christ is putting himself in their position.

Bear in mind the valid arguments of the war mongers (who say that we must protect our Country by fighting for it) as you read exhibit A, which is God's Law that should govern that situation. Bear in mind their God given justification as you read exhibit B as it has been published by our Selective Service System. It is obvious that the general felt a bit guilty about the age of the boys he is drafting., because Numbers 1:3, which he omitted, says, "From twenty years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to war in Israel: thou and Aaron shall number them by their armies." I think that this made his point much better than to, go all the way to the 46th verse where he got into even more trouble when he mentioned the number of men drafted. That number ties it to exhibit A by way of Exodus 38:26, as does the age of the men and the term "Numbers".. as well as the term "POLL", which in the American tradition, taken from exhibit A, means a choice for the boys. Exodus 38:26 uses the term "bekah" which means a separation for sanctuary from the draft.

on Sept. 12,1782 a resolution was passed in Congress recommending the King James version of the Bible to the American people with it's marginal notes. These marginal references were added to the Bible and are not. part of the Bible itself. They are just a suggested help in studying the Bible. As you follow these marginal references you will see flow they knew at that time that these verses are connected to a military draft.

In 1797 Mr. Pinckney told the French Government that the United States had millions for defense, but not a cent for tribute. It was clear that he meant Americans were all dedicated to fight in the past with no decency from us. Decent men would have given our Government one penny each as provided in God's law. Notice that Pinckney said that we "HAD" as in the past. Mr. Pinckney was not threatening the French but telling them of our devotion in the past. When an army is organized with the chance for each man to be excused from serving by only paying one cent, and none of them had asked to be excused,, it is a frightening thing to their enemies,, because they know that every man is brave and dedicated to fight to the death. Good men do not pay this penny to be excused when they know that the cause is just. If they did., they would be establishing their own worth at less then one cent in their own eyes. This one cent tribute law was understood and respected by the French until the next year when Napoleon took over. Napoleon was the first in modern times to disallow God's law of Tribute.

Before we go any further, I would like to explain the one cent tribute. God's Law states that every man numbered to go forth to war must be given a ransom of one half shekel. The Law goes on to say that the one half shekel shall be the offering of the Lord whom I think of as Jesus Christ. 'We know that Jesus read from the Greek version of the Bible called the Septuagint. The Septuagint expresses the half shekel as "didrachm" which was a coin with the value of a soldiers pay for one day.

In Matt 17:24 it records that Jesus Christ did indeed pay the half shekel ransom as commanded by Moses to be excused from a military draft. In the King James it is called tribute money, or to pay tribute, which is translated from the original Greek word didrachm again., which is still a coin to pay soldier's wages for one day. The difference between giving tribute, which is to serve one's country, and paying tribute which is to pay money so as not to serve is quite different. Jesus did pay tribute but did not give tribute. When ever Matthew talked about paying tribute, the Greek word didrachm or the coin to pay soldiers was used, and whenever Matthew talked about giving tribute, the Greek word kensos., as the Latin census, an enrollment, is used. One may give tribute by being enrolled in military service. Since these men in Matt 17:24 received tribute money., which was soldier's pay, it is quite reasonable to assume that they were soldiers. So you see, the question that they asked Peter made good sense. How is your master any better then we who serve when he pays our wages? Peter just answered, "yes," lost the argument and then went into the house where Jesus prevented him from thinking as they did by pointing out that it is the kings of the world that take the customary tax or their tribute as enrollment. Christ pointed out that by paying, the children of God as the peacemakers are free.

As Matthew continues to the end of the chapter we are given personal instructions. By "Notwithstanding., lest we should offend them,," is good advice to the people opposed to the war now.

"Go thou to the sea., ft means., go to the read see and get understanding, that is go back to Moses again. "And cast the hook" means to cast out or cast in a play; like Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

"And take up the fish" which must be a man because Jesus told Peter that he would be a fisher of men and you do remember the bait which General Hershey found that was left by Moses for him to find. "That first cometh up:" from his low position in God's estimation. "And when thou hast opened his mouth-, thou shalt find a piece of money;" which is in the Greek tongue: a stater, to state the draft status and as the General opened his mouth to take the bait in Numbers 1:1 through 46, Christ continues by saying "that take., and give unto them for me and thee."

It is interesting to note the marginal references at the trial of Christ when they charged Jesus with "forbidding to give tribute to Caesar" are Matt. 17:27, which we have just read., and Matt. 22:21, which established the tribute money at one penny.


The name Abraham has a special meaning to certain Americans who called Lincoln the "Great Emancipator" because he freed the slaves. Those Americans might say that "we were never in bondage to any man": after Jesus Christ said 'ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Certainly the children of Israel who had been in the forced service of Egypt could not say that: and yet those Americans are the children of Abraham and they do the works of Abraham as Christ said. Christ did clarify his statement by continuing in John 8:56 "Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad. 57. Then said the Jews unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham? 58. Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am."

It seems that the Bible speaks of two Abrahams: one before and one after Christ. One foretells of the other so that the words of Moses can apply to both Abrahams. In Numbers 14:12 God said to Moses: of the Jews "I will smite them with the pestilence, and disinherit them, and will make of thee a greater nation and mightier than they.' Who, but Abraham would make this transfer of God's gift to the new people: Abraham to whom God made the promise to make of him a great nation.

As you read the stories about Abraham that were written by Moses and told by Christ, take note of how they apply to Abraham Lincoln. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son with fire as Abraham did sacrifice his sons with fire'. Gun is implied of course: as in the army they were under fire. Abraham said: his "only son" which was the white boy that he recognized as his. There was a mixed boy who was Abraham's son also, born of Sarah's black Egyptian hand maid. Abraham refused to recognize the sons of our South: black and white. He was quoted in the newspapers as saying that "We will win the war with slavery if possible and without slavery if we must." Abraham said., "My son,, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering." Abraham must have known about this and God's Poll because he allowed a $300.00 ransom from the first draft call.

The penny which Jesus mentioned had the value of ten asses., and Moses had set the value of an ass at 30 pieces of silver in Exodus 21:32, so Abraham multiplied 10 X 30 and got 300 pieces of silver. When it became apparent that this was not the truth he made our first penny. Abraham made a two cent penny with his superscription and draft image on it while he was America's first Seizer (caesar) so that the "Lamb of God" who is Jesus Christ could save the life of our sons with the sacrifice of his own life. Jesus Christ said that the image and superscription of this Caesar would be on our penny which it is now also. Abraham called his wife his sister., because as he said: "she is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother; and she became my wife." Abraham thought of America as the daughter of God the father and not the daughter of the mother country of England.

In the eighth chapter of the book of John: Christ speaks of both Abraham and Abraham. The first in glowing terms and the last as the devil himself. "He was a murderer from the beginning.," Christ said because even before he took office as president the war was inevitable because of his political promises. Christ said, "When he speaketh of a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it". Because of the importance of this lie and the extreme difficulty in dishonoring it, Jesus must converge on it from many sides simultaneously. Of course this lie is the most quoted statement of this Abraham and it is seen every day by almost every American on our money. Two very obvious clues by Jesus Christ lead us to the truth: They are the way that his legs were not broken as were the legs of the two thieves who were hung up- on both sides of him and the "Key of David" which he said he has.

To explain these clues we must first try to understand why Jesus called himself the Son of man. Every boy that is forced to war is the son of man so perhaps he was putting himself in their position. The first time that American boys were forced to go to war was in the War of 1812 when a thief, England., seized our sailors and forced them to fight against another thief,, France. France, under Napoleon Bonaparte, was the first to draft or force boys to fight in our modern times. The American boy who was the son of man was hung up between those two thieves: England and France in that war. England lost to the United States and France lost to England so you see the American Son of man was not defeated as were the two thieves who were defeated by the foul act of Bonaparte. As their legs were broken; you might say that their feet were broken off or that they were defeated by bone apart.

The Star-Spangled Banner was written during that war by Frances Scott Key and it speaks of the "foul footstep's pollution" of the English in following Bonaparte and calls their mercenaries and draftees, hirelings and slaves. Then in the quotation marks he points out the truth of which Abraham would lie about: "In God is our trust" our trust, which is the product of our trustworthiness or faithfulness to God, is transferred to in God with the verb "is" our trust is the subject which passes from us to serve God. We serve God. The lie "In God we trust" implies that God will serve us. It is the opposite from us serving God; to expect God to serve us. It is a lie to say that God will serve us even though we disobey God. If we serve the devil and God serves us, wouldn't it be like God serving the devil? God has never committed Himself to serve us but we have committed ourselves to serve God with our motto: "In God is our trust".

When God told Moses that He would make of him a greater and mightier nation: It occurs to me that Moses will get started exactly how he records it in the Book of Exodus where Moses was left in the flags by the river's brink. Flags comes from the Hebrew word meaning papyrus or paper as does the Red in Red See so you see a paper flag is read to see how Moses is going to lead us out of bondage. This could lead us to words written on paper about a flag: Perhaps our Star-Spangled Banner is the Key of David. This would answer the question put to the Pharisees by Christ after they said that Christ was the son of David. Matt. 22:43 He saith unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying, 44. The Lord said unto my lord., Sit thou on my right hand, till' I make thine enemies thy footstool? 45. If David then call him Lord, how is he his son?

The enemy of the son is the dictatorial king who seizes him and forces him to abandon his self respect and conscience while killing sons for the king's pleasure. A king is one who has gained a position over people where by he can command them. The ultimate goal or feat of Christ is to provide a way for the son to command his king. The least is the -greatest and the greatest must obey the least. The power of the kings is given to the Son of man. Then the son of David is our Lord whose feat will hold kings down.

Through the efforts of Jesus Christ and the others, every boy or son of man can have the feat to hold down the kingly draft power of our President.


The penny was chosen by God as the ransom or tribute money for several reasons.

1. The ransom must be small enough so that it can not be used as the justification instead of fulfilling the obligation.

2. A penny is small enough so as not to work a hardship on the poor as did the $300 tribute money of 1863 in our Civil War. The $300 was arrived at by multiplying the 30 pieces of silver commanded by Moses in Exodus 21:28, times the value of the penny that Jesus Christ said would be the tribute money. That penny was worth 10 asses and an ass was valued by Moses at 30 pieces of silver. 10 X 30 is 300 pieces of silver. Of course any scholar can spot the mistake in this logic but we must remember that Mr. Lincoln was not a scholar. Perhaps Daniel was referring to this mistake when he said that the king found the children who escaped the call of the Chaldeans ten times better then the king's own fools or asses. Chaldeans is pronounced caldean. A boy called into. the army., is caldean. Ten of the king's stupid asses in a pen is equal to one penny that escaped; as the penny tribute money of Christ's time was equal to ten asses.

3. The name of the coin must be comparable with the first ransom which was a half shekel. Webster's Dictionary of 1864 shows, shekel is from the Hebrew word "shakal",, That I might pronounce like our shackel which means: To chain; confine with shackel; manacle or fetter; hence, figuratively, to confine or bind so as to prevent or impede free action; clog; embarrass; hamper; impede; trammel. These verbs sound to me like the condition a boy might find himself in when he is drafted. The draftee is shackeled as he is penned up and he becomes a penny as when he is drafted he is a draftee. Penny comes from the word pen which means: To shut, inclose, or confine in, or as in a pen, or other narrow place; hem in; coop up; confine or restrain within very narrow limits: frequently with up. As in a pen: a penny is in a draft as a draftee. Penned or shackeled: What is the difference?

4. The value must be the same. Webster's Dictionary of 1864 shows a penny as a coin worth two cents. That year of 1864 Our Country minted a two cent piece which must have been a penny then and that would make our present cent coin a half penny as the half shekel of old.

5. In our dictionaries: Penny is equated to pledge and to pawn in the chess game and to peon which in Spanish and Italian mean a foot soldier.

6. The penny was made by Abraham who was our first Seizer (Latin spelled Caeser) and he would make our first penny: a two cent piece with his superscription: "In God We trust" which he altered from "In God is our trust" of our National Anthem. The image was also Abraham's image of his draft: Inspired by the 127th and the 128th Psalms in the Bible. For the obverse side of this penny, the main device is a large shield in heraldic design. Two arrows are hidden by the shield with only the heads and butts visible. The 127th Psalm says, after "Low, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward": The fourth verse says that "As arrows are in the band of a mighty man; so are children of the youth- 5. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate". That was President Lincoln's justification for the draft. His prayer for peace can be found in the two olive branches that hang on either side 'of the shield and by the 2 cents as coming to sense which is enclosed by the wreath of wheat with the stems tied at the bottom by a ribbon. That would be the reverse side or the tail of the coin and it is expressed in the 128th Psalm like this: "For thou shalt eat the labor of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee. 3. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table. 4. Behold., that thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the LORD. 5. The LORD shall bless thee out of Zion: and thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem all the days of thy life. 6. Yea., thou shalt see thy children's children, and peace upon Israel." So you see Jesus spoke truly when He said, the penny would have the image and superscription of our Seizer on it.

7. By referring to "The Key of David": Jesus could refer to this change in Our Motto and give emphasis to the fact that the superscription on our money is by our Seizer who was named Abraham.

8. When Frances Scott Key wrote Our National Anthem; Why did he use quotation marks around the motto "In God is our trust". Could this also be to help Jesus identify the truth which Abraham would lie about?

9. By calling him Abraham who would live after Christ: Jesus was able to tell us of the lie that Abraham's motto would bring about. In God we trust means that God Ls expected to serve us while the other motto, "In God is our trust", means that we will serve God with our trust or our trustworthiness. In this motto "Trust" means loyalty to God as a thing because trust is the subject of the sentence.

10. The reason for the half shekel or half penny was so that the shackeled or penned might be divided into two and each half penny or half shakal given to the Seizer (ceaser) and the other half shackeled to God as repent or penned to God's service. Jesus Christ said of the penny: "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things which are God's". Moses said of the shekel: "A bekah (which means a separation or to rend) for every man., that is, half a shekel after the shekel of the sanctuary, for every one that went to be numbered". That means every man after God's sanctuary.

11. While telling Peter why Jesus did pay the tribute money which was a coin used to pay soldiers one day's pay, Jesus went on to instruct us on how to do this. Jesus said to give them a "Stater" which is translated to a piece of money in our English. A stater would be what states a draft status.

12. Penny means sent (cent) as each boy or penny is sent to fight for piece. In Our Civil War two boys were sent so the penny was a two cent piece.

13. Because Lincoln was our first Seizer (Lat. Caesar), Jesus was able to state that his picture and motto will be on our penny as it is now. Only Jesus called them his image and superscription.

14. When Jesus called the penny "Tribute money" he was helping us understand the words of Pinckney to the French: "Not one cent for tribute". He meant that we never drafted so we never got any pennies for tribute.

15. When Ben Franklin said "A penny saved is a penny earned" he wasn't kidding because when a man saves the penny he will earn it with his time in the draft that our National Anthem calls slavery.

16. The prefix "de" is from Lat. meaning from or of, so the word "decent" means from or of the- cent or penny, therefor a person who has paid or given up the penny Is a DECENT person and will not be sent to war where they are made to stink as the skunk that has not been descented.


When we consider all the facts told about the Christmas story, we get quite a different picture.

1. Good shepherds would not leave their sheep to go and visit anyone. Perhaps they were shepherds of the people as Jesus Christ was, when he said: "I am the good shepherd". They made known about the saying which was told them concerning the child. Sheep herders seldom talk to anyone because they can't leave the sheep.

2. Wise men would not travel west to get under a star that they saw in the east., Perhaps the word east is referring to the uprising but not the uprising of the sun as supposed. The word east is from the Greek word meaning just uprising.

3. Would Joseph or Mary have any friends or relatives in their own home town where their first child was born? Both of their families were from Bethlehem. I can not believe that their child would be born in a stable in the town where their relatives lived. Nothing in the Bible suggests that Christ was born in a stable. The word manger means a box with slats in it like a manger or crib as a child might sleep in. Matt. 2:11 mentions them in a house.

4. I give the Romans credit for having more sense then to make everyone bring their money in. That would be an open invitation to robbery: At least it would give them an excuse not to pay by saying that they got robbed.

5. The inference that the words "before they came together., she was found with child," means a virgin birth is rather stupid. Before they came together to Bethlehem where the birth took place is implied without even saying. "Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily" does not mean that Joseph was thinking of a divorce. What is private about that? St. Luke 1:24 explains that Mary's cousin Elisabeth conceived, and hid herself five months. Joseph was minded to do the same with Mary his wife but The Lord told him to take her to Bethlehem.

6. The name "King of the Jews" wasn't mentioned again until the trial of Christ. After all that attention., why was he ignored for 30 years? Why did they all try to kill Jesus the first time that he read the Bible in the synagogue in his home town Nazareth where he had been brought up? At the trial of Christ, what was so Important about whether he was the King of the Jews or not?

7. Herod was told that Christ was a boy so why did he kill the girls also in order to get Christ? Matt. 2:16 says "all the children".

8. History tells us that Rome's contribution to the world was law and order. Our court system is patterned after Roman Law. Herod must have followed the Law when he slew all the children that were in Bethlehem. What law might that be?

9. When Joseph went to be taxed with Mary his wife., the Greek word for taxed is "Apographo" which according to my Greek Lexicon means an involuntary registration for military service.

This is a story about the birth of Christ and it will answer all these questions which arise out of considering the matter.

With the Roman conquest: the people of the world gained the advantages of "Law and order" but lost their freedom. The Roman military strength was maintained by a military draft., much as ours today. Even in those days there were men who valued their freedom more than the glory of their oppressors and one of those men was Joseph who was to be the father of Jesus Christ. Joseph was a just and courageous man who did not fear the Romans as much as be did fear God.

If we start with the second chapter of Luke and we realize that every boy that is drafted is indeed taxed. A draft is a call for a payment of money as a tax is. In either case if the money is not paid., forced servitude is the result: either in the army or in jail. The title "Caesar" means the same as Seizer in the English language. We must realize that Caesar is a Latin word and must be spelled accordingly. Caesar was a title given to Julius after the Civil War between himself and Pompeii. Julius had the same difficulty Lincoln had in our Civil War: Brothers don't want to kill brothers., so they both seized and forced them to fight for their own causes. Because they got away with it., it now has become the policy to create a situation to seize boys into armies. Luke 2:3 states that "all went to be taxed, every one into his own city" and the Book of Numbers 1:2 says to take them "by the house of their fathers" to be drafted as pointed out by our Selective Service System. Joseph knew that one of the benefits of the Roman Law and Order was that they were pledged to honor all of the laws of the country that the Roman's had conquered. That would work as our State Government is allowed to function along with our Federal Government that takes a position over the State Government. In this case Rome is like a Federal Government.

There are a number of laws pertaining to marriage whereby a man is tied quite close to his wife and cannot be separated. With the draft it was the intention of Rome to take the men into the army and not their wives; however I don't believe that there was a way for them to avoid this if the man insisted on registering his wife along with himself as Joseph did: Luke 2:5 "To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child". Why would anyone want to register his wife into an army full of men? That question seems foolish until you realize that she was pregnant and ready to deliver a child into the army-also. Our Army has solved this problem with their aid to dependents, but Roman soldiers dependents got no aid. The army had no facilities to care for babies,, so Joseph found a manger which was either a child's crib or possibly some sort of a portable box designed to feed horses out of. The word refers to the slatted construction of a crib or manger. I don't think that the Roman quartermaster was equipped to supply a baby layette so an army robe would have to suffice, although I would describe the fit as swaddling. So they "wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger".

To analyze the 7th verse: "because there was no room for them in the inn" we must study the way that the Bible phrases things: for instance in the same chapter of Luke in the 22nd verse; the word "they" seems to refer to Mary and Joseph but it was in the 16th verse that Mary and Joseph was mentioned. The word 'them" in the 7th verse could just as well refer back to the Romans who were conducting this tax or draft. The word "inn" has a very different meaning. In Greek it is KATALUMA which was equated to KATALUO, which was used in the Bible as meaning: to halt for the night:- destroy, dissolve, be guest, lodge, come to nought, overthrow, throw down. In my Greek Lexicon the word has an even more gruesome meaning. KATALUO means: to loosen; to dissolve - to end; to abolish; to depose; to destroy; to slay - to relinquish; to give up; to cease; to quit, any place or thing - to stop, or rest at any place. Greek words are made up of parts in composition as our English words are. For an example: KATALOGOS is a catalogue and when broken up we have LOGOS which is a small account-book and the prefix KATA; copied from the Lexicon: In composition, KATA often gives additional force to the sense of the simple term, thus, PORTIZO means I load; KATAPORTIZO means I overload., I weigh down: KRINO means I judge; KATAKRINO means I decide against, or I condemn: PSEPHIZOMAI means I give a vote; KATAPSEPHIZOMAI means I give a contrary vote: CHRAOMAI means I make use of; KATACHRAOMAI means I make an ill use of, or I abuse: BAINO means I go; KATABAINO means I descend. Now when we put the two parts of that word together KATALOGOS would seem to be a great accounting in an ill way. The lexicon confirms this by giving the meaning as a catalogue of the names of persons liable to military service, to pay contributions, or to perform other public duties according to their rank in the state - the age for military service; military service.

Now back to the word KATALUMA which is from KATALUO. First we will study LUO which means I have ransomed myself and then with the prefix KATA it seems to mean a great ransom in an ill way but in translation Kataluo means to loosen; to dissolve - to end; to abolish; to depose; to destroy; to slay; to relinquish; to give up; to cease; to quit any place or thing; to stop., or rest at any place. All of those things seem appropriate if one is referring to ransoming oneself from the army draft. They seem to have no connection with a comfortable hotel room. That is the word that "inn" is translated from. Now take the word Kataluma which means an inn. Luma means an outrage, or injury, by word or action - prejudice: injury; ruin; destruction - injury by mutilation; filth; also the filth of parturition. Add KATA to LUMA and you have KATALUMA which seems to mean a great filthy ill place and if I am forced to call it an "INN" I would imagine it as a kat house or a whore house. The draft is where the boys get screwed so it is a whore house or an extremely filthy., ill place. As Jesus would learn from his dad to give them twice as much as they asked in court: Joseph when he was forced to register for a draft; gave them his wife also and when the baby was born the army got more than they bargained for. This was not Joseph's idea of treating his wife in a good way but the Lord instructed him to do it. The Roman Army was put down as the word it inn (from Greek KATALUMA) suggests.

By stopping the Roman Draft, Joseph became the Star of Bethlehem. With the word "east" meaning uprising: There were wise men from the uprising who saw Joseph earlier and knew what he was going to do and they came to see what I would call a sight to behold. A baby; the Son of man swaddled in an army uniform and lying in a manger : commanding the entire Roman Army because there was no room for them to put them down. This baby was a king indeed so they called him King of the Jews.

This way of one getting out of the army was so embarrassing to the draft people that they just tried to sweep it under the rug and hoped that it would go away. By the time that Herod found out about it there had been so many that they didn't know who had started it. Herod naturally couldn't ask who the Star was but by finding out when the Star appeared or was born he would know who it was because Joseph would register on his 20th birthday as the Law of God required. When the wise men left, they found Joseph the Star and he took them to see the child and the Star Joseph went and stood over his son as recorded by Matthew.

That kind of thing spread so that Herod had to take action to stop it: especially when those wise guys or wise men had the audacity to call Jesus the King of the Jews. These babies are in the army and considered as expendable as any soldier so there is no law against spending them in a campaign. The campaign is to get their fathers into line in the army. By killing the babies their fathers were afraid to do it again and the campaign was a smashing success. For some unexplained reason, that Herod didn't live very long after that action.

Joseph and Mary took the child over the hill and the child., Jesus Christ was guilty of army desertion even if he was too small to do it himself. I know of no acceptable reason for desertion from our army or any army. If one leaves, he is guilty and that is all that is considered.

It was unthinkable for the men who were forced into the army in this way to admit that they were cowards. If they blamed Herod for killing their child, they would have to admit that they were cowards to go in the army: but if they blamed Joseph for getting them to follow that foolish stunt, then they could save their self respect and they could believe that they were not cowards but pretended patriots protecting those good Roman benefactors.

It was the friends and relatives of the babies of the blood bath at Bethlehem who would not admit that they went into the army because Herod killed their child. They tried to kill Jesus the first time that He read the Bible and spoke in their Synagogue. A blood bath as there was at Bethlehem is not easy to forget. Jesus Christ was not unknown when he started to teach. His dad made him famous but also destined to die a violent death.

If: at the trial of Christ they could prove that he was the King of the Jews; who was in the army and then did desert with his father to Egypt: then they could hang him in a legal way. The fact that he was less than two years old had no bearing on a legal conviction. Pilate was unable to get proof or a denial so he sent Christ over to Herod. Herod asked him if he was the King of the Jews and when Jesus refused to answer, Herod and his men of war put a gorgeous robe on him and a crown of thorns and they saluted him with "Hail, King of the Jews". They returned Jesus back to Pilate's court still wearing that gorgeous, purple robe. Herod is a title reserved for their king. It meant that he has been herod as a perfected hero. To a man like that I am sure that the most gorgeous robe would be his own purple army uniform robe. Herod put Jesus Christ into a Roman King's military uniform which would tend to indicate to Pilate that Herod was of the opinion that Christ was indeed the King of the Jews. Herod and Pilate were made friends together after that; as a result of that maneuver. Christ was tried wearing Herod's own military uniform and what judge would dare to insult the King by asking him to testify after that? As today what judge would dare to force our Caesar who is our President to testify in a trial of a boy on any draft charge? It was not a tasteful. thing to sentence a man to die for what he did as a baby so Pilate tried to find a way to let him go.

By dying in this way Jesus was able to point out how very bad man's draft laws can be I think you will find that the same law by which Jesus Christ was hanged is in effect in every country in the world today. Christ said that he would give his life a ransom for many. Ransom is God's law to cover the situation of the very bad law that Jesus was hanged for.

I have photographed on one page, sections of the four accounts of the trial of Christ; from Matthew, Mark., Luke and John. In the first two columns in the upper left hand corner is Matthew's account. In the lower right-hand corner is Mark's account. In the lower left hand corner is Luke's account and John's account starts in the upper right hand corner to one-third down the page, then in the center to the bottom and to the rights one-third down to two-thirds down. With all four accounts assembled on one page it becomes much easier to get the picture of the sequence of what happened in the proper order. You will note that the various authors spend different amounts of time describing different phases of the trial, but one thing is very clear in all four accounts.

The most important thing that the court seems to have to determine is whether Jesus Christ is or is not the King of the Jews. Since Pilate said he found no fault in Jesus Christ it is obvious that he dismissed all other charges except whether he was or was not the King of the Jews. If the fact that Jesus Christ was the King of the Jews would enable Pilate to hang him for a charge requiring a death sentence, it becomes necessary to go back to the only -other place in the Bible where that phrase is used. At the birth of Christ the wise men said, "Where is he who is born the King of the Jews?" The legal point is that if Christ's father enrolled him in the army at his birth and then went over the hill to Egypt and deserted the army, the charge would be desertion from the army or desertion from his military obligation. And desertion from the army has carried a death sentence, not only in our country, but in every-country in the world.

In all four accounts when Christ was asked,, "Art thou the King of the Jews?" he answered and said, 'Thou sayest it". In legal talk we might say, You made that statement. The burden of proof is on you. In order to prove that Christ was the King of the Jews, Pilate had King Herod prove the point without showing up in court as he should have. The point was proved by 'Innuendo and assumption. It was done like this: first notice the change of garments that were forced on Jesus. Matthew states that they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe. All the other accounts refer to him as wearing a purple robe. I don't think that Matthew was color blind, but I do think that because Peter seemed to make himself rather scarce around the area for fear of being implicated alone, with Christ, it is a reasonable assumption that the rest of the disciples were acting in a like manner. There was a certain danger element and it is very reasonable that Matthew and the other authors were able to see only portions of the trial and proceedings. It is very unlikely that all of the disciples saw all of the trial because we know Peter didn't. Matthew saw a scarlet or red robe-put on Christ after they took Christ's clothes off. All of the other accounts don't mention them taking his clothes off. They obviously didn't see them take his clothes off, but Mark did see them put his clothes back on him again and Mark records that they took the purple robe off him and put his own clothes on him and led him out to crucify him., so the only account we have of them taking his clothes off tells us that they put a scarlet robe on him and the only account we have of the color of the robe that they took off him when they put his own clothes on was purple. Matthew says that Pilate's soldiers stripped him and put on him a scarlet robe. Three verses later Matthew says that they took the robe off him and put his own clothes back on and led him away to crucify him. But Matthew does not say what color the robe was that they took off him. Mark states that it was a purple robe that was taken off him right before he was crucified. Mark also says that it was soldiers who put the purple robe on him., but he doesn't clarify whose soldiers.

The question then is; if Pilate's soldiers put a scarlet robe on him, what soldiers put the purple robe on him, and when did they do it? St. Luke gives us the answer to that in his account of the trial. He says that Pilate., after learning that Christ was under Herod's jurisdiction, sent him to Herod. After questioning Christ., and receiving no answers,, Herod and his men of war arrayed him in a gorgeous robe and sent him back to Pilate. The most gorgeous robe I think Herod could imagine would be his own military uniform, which happened to be purple. Therefore it was Herod's soldiers who put the purple robe on Jesus. And Mark records that they clothed him with Purple and plaited a crown of thorns and put it about his head. Matthew records that "they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe. And when they had plaited a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head" etc. So the words, "And when they had", suggest a void in time. Mark states that they "clothed him with purple, and plaited a crown of thorns. and put it about his head," suggesting that the crown of thorns was put on at the same time as the purple robe was put on. Now the scarlet robe was definitely put on by the soldiers of the governor according to Matthew, but the purple robe was put on him by Herod because the soldiers of Pilate put the scarlet robe on him and sent him over to Herod, and Herod "arrayed him in a gorgeous robe and sent him again to Pilate. And the same day Pilate and Herod were made friends together: for before they were at enmity between themselves." Then Pilate brought Christ forth wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe. And Pilate said unto them., "Behold the man". Pilate said he found no fault in him but the Jews reminded him that they have a law, and by that law he ought to die. This law would have to be Roman law because earlier in John 18:31 they just told Pilate that they, the Jews, have no law to put him to death. Therefore the law that they are referring to; that he ought to die, must have been Roman law. To prove that Jesus was the King of the Jews the governor, Pontious Pilate, dressed him in a Roman red or scarlet uniform and sent him to Herod the King who placed his own purple royal uniform on Christ and returned him back to Pilate. Pilate and Herod were made friends together because Herod proved Pilate's point; that Christ was the King of the Jews by putting his own uniform on him and returning him. Because Pilate didn't force Herod to come into court and say why he put that uniform on him, Herod was happy. What Judge would dare to force the King to appear in court and state why he put that uniform on him, because the evidence and close examination would go like this: Pilate to Herod, "What does this robe of yours placed on Christ mean?" Herod, "It means that he is the King of the Jews." Pilate to Herod, "How do you know he is the King of the Jews? Of course at this point Herod would have to concede that the scribes and Pharisees put him up to it. He didn't know that Christ was the King of the Jews because it states earlier in the Bible that Herod thought that Jesus Christ was John the Baptist returned from the dead. This is why Herod was afraid of Christ. If Christ was John the Baptist he couldn't be Jesus Christ or the King of the Jews at the same time, so it is obvious that if Herod had shown-up in the court Jesus Christ would have been released. And when Herod didn't show up in the court the court could assume what the King meant by putting his robe on Christ. Therefore with Herod present in the court, Christ would be released. Without Herod present in the court Christ would be hung.

The trial is exactly the same as today. Boys are accused of deserting their military obligation imposed on them at the time of their birth exactly the same as Jesus Christ. The only thing that is different is the amount of the punishment. But it seems rather inconsistent to me to decrease the amount of punishment just because you are going to decrease the amount of justice given in the courts. As to say., "If we think we give the man full justice we'll hang him. If we give him no justice at all we'll give him 5 years in jail." This is not law, this is anarchy.

Another interesting aspect of this particular case is the timing. You will remember that at the time of Christ's trial there was a certain man named Barabbas who, for a certain sedition made in the city and for murder., was cast into prison. The charges made against William Calley were about the same. Like Barabbas, the people demanded Calley's release. Most Americans agree that it was either a mistake to try Calley or a mistake to release him. Apparently the majority of the people felt that he should be released.

It was when all of this was being heatedly discussed that the defendant received the indictment notice. It was on the day after Easter Sunday that the defendant was officially arraigned on charges of draft evasion. These charges could also be worded as "Failing to give tribute to Caesar which is what the Jews charged Jesus with. Of course we all know that Jesus was hung and Barabbus was turned loose. But Jesus was not hung for failure to give tribute to Caesar, because it was legal at that time to pay tribute to be free of giving tribute. It is also legal today but the courts have yet to recognize it. To give tribute is to serve in the army; to pay tribute is to pay the penny in order to be free from serving in the army.

Jesus was hung on a legal charge, as was pointed out earlier. At the trial of Christ., Pilate wanted to know if Jesus was the "King of the Jews" because., as you remember., Joseph took the child and fled into Egypt.

Desertion from the army was the charge. There is not., and never has been., any extenuating conditions or statute of limitations on the charge of desertion. When Jesus was asked the question, "Art thou the King of the Jews?" He answered as said., "Thou sayest it." This put the burden of proof on the court. To prove this point Pilate's soldiers removed Christ's clothes and put a scarlet robe on him. Pilate then sent Jesus to Herod, and his men of war changed the scarlet robe and sent him back to Pilate wearing the purple robe.- Later Pilate brought Jesus forth to the people again wearing the purple robe and a crown of thorns on his head (John 19:5). St. Luke 23:11.,12 said., "And the same day Pilate and Herod were made friends together: for before they were at enmity between themselves.' Herod proved the legal point by putting his own purple uniform robe on Jesus. However, Herod did not testify in court to the fact. Pilate assumed that Jesus was the King of the Jews because he was wearing the King's robe and a crown put on his head by the King. When Jesus was in Herod's court., which was a court martial, he would be compelled to wear the scarlet robe or Roman uniform, (Matt. 27:28) which was removed and replaced by the gorgeous purple uniform robe of the King. Had Herod been brought into Pilate's court, he could have been questioned about the meaning of the robe. Obviously, if Jesus had said that he didn't take the oath of the army his testimony would have been stricken from the record, because being under two years old at the time, he would not be qualified to remember or considered reliable by the court. Any one of his disciples might have been able to testify to that fact for him. Had Pilate forced Herod into the court, Herod's testimony could also be stricken, because if he knew it for a fact, he would not have thought Jesus to be John the Baptist. It is obvious that Herod and Pilate were made friends because Herod proved Pilate's point and Pilate didn't ask the King into the court to say what the King couldn't say anyway. So the King was happy. Of course this points up the fact that when Jesus called himself the Son of Man, he was setting the stage for any son of man who is also charged with deserting a military obligation imposed on him at the time of his birth. Christ was pointing up the fact that our President must appear in court, just as Herod should have, in order for him to get a fair trial. He was also pointing out the fact that another man must put himself in jeopardy in order to win a case where the son of man is charged with deserting his alleged obligation, which is only assumed because he was born either Roman or American.

Before the trial St. Luke 22:36-38 records that Jesus said to buy a sword. "And they said., Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them., It is enough." To us two swords mean two men to fight will be enough.

The day after Easter Sunday 1971, Mr. Bondhus stood in Federal court in Billings, Montana, along with the defendant, Darby Dahl, who was being arraigned on a charge of refusing to serve the draft. Mr. Bondhus told the Judge that he should be arraigned along with the defendant because he had told the defendant not to serve the draft. The Judge said that was up to the Grand Jury. Although Mr. Bondhus pointed out that the defendant's file had a letter to that fact in it and that the Grand Jury should have read it, no action was taken by the court. After the arraignment it was thought that Mr. Bondhus had traveled 2,000 miles for nothing. But the next day we realized that God's plan was to put the Judge in the same position as the defendant. The Judge ignored our U. S. law because of his religious and moral convictions: The same law that the defendant was charged with ignoring. Now the Grand Jury, the U.S. Attorney and the Judge have all ignored the same draft law as the defendant. If the defendant is guilty., they are also guilty; but if the defendant is innocent they are innocent, and Jesus Christ is right about two swords, "It is enough."

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