Here is the letter written to Tom Bondhus from Darby Dahl
(Also in typed text below)

Sept. 25, 1970

Mr. Tom Bondhus

After receiving a copy of your case against the current draft system from a Miss Lorranne (Cookie) Burghe and reading it thoroughly, I decided that it is worthy of more than just an arm chair approach. I would like to act upon it here in Montana.

At the end of last February, I was arrested and charged with illegal possession of dangerous drugs. Nothing was done with the case before the summer recess of Jury trials; therefore action was postponed until this fall. But early last Spring I received my notice for induction into the Army. (I had already had my physical.) In order to postpone my induction my lawyer called Helena and obtained an official postponement until my trial had been taken care of. earlier this month my lawyer made a "deal" with the county attorney to have the charges dropped if I entered the army. Since I accepted this deal I expected to be recalled in October, November at the latest.

I realize that there is very little time, but if you will give me any information you think I need I would like to know what all I should present to the draft board, and what I should say; either in a letter or orally.

I am very low on funds, and if the state decides to take this to court I will have to find somebody who will represent me either free of charge or at a token price.

Cowardly yours,
Darby Dahl