October 1, 1970
Darby Dahl
c/o Susan Swanson
Box 274 Hannon Hall, M.S.U.
Boxeman, Montana-59715

Dear Darby,

I thank you for writing me for my advice on your problem. I understand your concern because it does look black at first thought when one sees the bind they seem to have you in. Your condition is good or bad according to what you compare it to and according to how you act on it.

Obviously your attorney is of no help to you so I would advise you to get rid of him and then go to the judge and explain it this way yourself. Say you are guilty and you should be punished. Their is no question but that you did wrong. Next establish to the court the fact that you were given a choice of jail or the army and say that because you are an awful coward to accept the army instead of jail that you started to think of what a hell of an army our country would have if it was made up of cowards like yourself and so your sincere love for your country prompted you to tell the judge that under no circumstance would you let that happen to our country. Say, "send me to jail and spare the army the further contamination."

Judges have been known to be lenient on first offenders especially if they believe the defendant has learned the lesson which the jails are designed to teach.

If the judge believes you he may let you off and if he doesn't you should remember what God gave the cowards who refused to fight in the campaign I wrote about. They got 40 years ;f wandering in the wilderness which is far more than your judge can hand out. God's ransom law is to guarantee each man a choice. You have a choice now of jail or the army. You don't like the thought of jail but remember you did have a choice of what you know would result in your problem or not. I advise you to do what you think is the right thing instead of what you think is the lesser of two evils or the easiest thing. It should be evident to you by now that the easiest way is not the best way. If you use the penny clause I mentioned it will get you out of the army all right but there is no question on what the judge will do to you on the other charge. He will throw the book at you and God cannot help you without~turning against the standards our society has adapted to try to keep it from wilting.

Please write me and keep me informed as I am very concerned about your problem.

Yours truly,

Tom Bondhus